Xuanmao Chen

Xuanmao Chen
Rudman Hall, Room 389
Xuanmao.Chen@unh.edu, (603) 862-4542

Primary cilia, ciliopathies, mental disorders, obesity, GPCR- cAMP signaling, ion channel, synaptic plasticity, learning and memory, neuronal excitability and brain aging


Tom Laue
Rudman Hall, Room 379
Tom.Laue@unh.edu, (603) 862-2459

Protein-protein interactions in complex solutions

Feixia Chu
Gregg Hall, Room 436
Feixia.Chu@unh.edu, (603) 862-2436

Mass spectrometry-based proteomics & epigenomics



Vernon Reinhold
Gregg Hall, Room 440
Vernon.Reinhold@unh.edu, (603) 862-2527

Structural glycobiology


Rick Cote
Rudman Hall, Rooms 102 and 379
Rick.Cote@unh.edu, (603) 862-2458

Signal transduction in neuronal cells

Stacia Sower

Stacia Sower
Rudman Hall, Room 316
Stacia.Sower@unh.edu, (603) 862-2103

Molecular and biochemical neuroendocrinology


Clyde Denis
Rudman Hall, Room 387
Clyde.Denis@unh.edu, (603) 862-2427

Regulatory pathways in mRNA degradation

Dave Townson

David Townson
Kendall Hall, Room 509
Dave.Townson@unh.edu, (603) 862-3475

Ovarian and environmental influences on nembryonic/fetal mortality in ruminants; immune system in ovarian function

Wayne Fagerberg
Rudman Hall, Room 187
Wayne.Fagerberg@unh.edu, (603) 862-3861

Plant cell biology; state in chloroplasts and  detection of UV radiation

walker Charles Walker
Rudman Hall, Room 185
Charles.Walker@unh.edu, (603) 862-2111

Development of novel marine model systems; p53 in animal cancer and urchin gametogenesis
ThomasFoxall Thomas Foxall
Kendall Hall, Room 519
Tom.Foxall@unh.edu, (603) 862-2354

Role of diabetes in the development and progression of atherosclerosis

Cheryl Whistler
Rudman Hall, Room 210
Cheryl.Whistler@unh.edu, (603) 862-2359

Symbiosis and microbial-host interactions; microbial genetics and genomics; microbial ecology and evolution

Estelle Hrabak

Estelle M. Hrabak
Rudman Hall, Room 105
Estelle.Hrabak@unh.edu, (603) 862-0716

Cellular signal transduction in plants by phosphorylation and protein targeting

Faculty Emeriti


Andrew P. Laudano